Thursday, 9 May 2013

4/5/13 - Learning to Lead!

Today the original plan was to go to Brimham Rocks and look at rigging and gear placement as well as getting some good gritstone climbing done, however, the weather gods didnt play ball and at 0500hrs I woke in my tent to the unwelcome pitter patter of rain drops.  Plan B was to utilise Harrogate Climbing Centre and teach John, Jonny and Donna how to lead climb.  After a good warm up climb in the bouldering area and really focusing on movement skills and technique, we started a series of progressive exercises designed to teach and give a good idea whats involved in lead climbing.  The guys progressed through these exercises very quickly and so we continued with more advanced exercises which culminated in all of group completing their first ever lead climb.  One more step towards autonomy! well done guys you should all be very proud of yourselves, I certainly am!

the weather gods sent me some rain ...thanks

John sets of on the sharp end with Jonny belaying and Donna backing him up

Donna on the sharp end!

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