Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14.05.13 - Ben Nevis via the mountain path

Today I was working for Lochaber Guides, guiding Nick on the mountain path.  Weather and conditions today were very variable with the only constant being very poor visibility.  There has been a lot of recent snow fall and as we ascended, we first encountered snow on ZZ2 with ZZ3 being completely under snow.  Nick had previously attempted Ben Nevis twice before but had turned back at about half way on both occasions as he didnt feel confident in his navigation skills, todays poor visibility created a great opportunity to teach Nick some nav skills which he then used to nav off the summit in a complete white out (which briefly lifted) under close supervision.  A great effort by Nick ensured that this time he was able to stand proud at the summit, thanks for a great day and a very well done!

smiles as we turn windy corner
starting to find some snow on Zig Zag 2

Nick enjoying white out conditions!

Nick standing proud at the summit of Ben Nevis 1,344m

sandwich time!
The pea soup clearing as Nick navs off the summit

Nick navigating off the summit plateau using the cairns 

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