Friday, 17 May 2013

17.05.13 - Ben Nevis via the mountain path

Yesterday I was working for Lochaber Guides, guiding Chris and Darren on the mountain path.  The weather forecast was for heavy snow throughout the day (in mid May!) but fortunately this materialised as a few brief but heavy snow showers.  As conditions underfoot were very good and consistent, we decided to go for a bit of a wander, leaving the mountain path at the corner of ZZ6 & ZZ7 and took a bearing to the top of No4 Gully during which I explained to the guys how to take a grid bearing and apply that to the ground.  Once at the top of No4 Gully the guys were impressed to see some of the North face and the relatively large cornices.  After a brief explanation of how cornices and rime ice are formed, we made our way up to the cairns on the summit plateau where I gave the guys the opportunity to take bearings and walk on them from cairn to cairn, Darren seized this opportunity to learn a new skill and under close supervision, navigated us firstly to three cairns marking the top of Gardyloo Gully and then to the summit, good effort!  Once on the summit we took some photos before making our way back down the mountain path, even spotting a ladybird at the Red Burn path junction!  A massive well done and thanks to Chris and Darren for a great day on the mountain, Cheers guys!

Chris and Darren, half way up!

Darren checks his bearing

Navigating on the summit plateau

Darren and Chris at the summit of Ben Nevis 1,344m

Ladybird at the Red Burn!

Almost down with great views of the Mamores 

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