Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ben Nevis Conditions - 09.01.2013

Today we went for a walk up the CIC hut, just to get a look at what state the Ben was in after this epic thaw and its not good. While there has been a very very light dusting as you can see below on NE Buttress, its far too little. Even today with the MWIS forecast predicting no rain, it was raining and wind speeds were higher than forecast. The freezing level which was predicted at 900m, was more like 1200m We were considering an ascent of one of the large easy gullies such as 5 or 3, but with the snow being like a bad slush puppy drink, and depressing weather, we decided to bail. 

Carn Dearg and Number 5 Gully

NE Buttress and the Douglas Boulder

looking back down the path from the hut

NEB and the CMD

= tears

Castle Ridge and Carn Dearg

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