Monday, 7 January 2013

27.12.12 - Dorsal Arete and Bomerang Gully -SCNL

Keen to get something done, today Joe and I headed up the hurt lochan to have a good look at the conditions with a view to bag a few routes whilst there! once at the plateau it became clear that we weren't the only people to have thought the lochan might be a good bet, with teams on a variety of climbs and rucksacks stashed under every reasonably sized boulder!  After gearing up we decided to keep the rope in the rucksacks and headed up Dorsal Arete (II,3) which was a very enjoyable solo, we then headed down Broad Gully (I) and continued straight up Boomerang Gully (II) which again was an enjoyable solo, finding some good neve. After topping out on the summit of Stob Coire Nan Lochan, we headed back down Broad Gully which since it had been snowing for the past 2 hours, had collected a significant amount of snow since our last descent.  We did go over for a look into NC Gully (II), but were deterred from continuing up by the amount of spindrift piling down it and disappearing daylight. We headed back down the hurt lochan reminiscing about all things 1980's like a pair of proper old gits!  Brilliant day out!  

Joe enjoying Dorsal Arete II,3 with some walkers in Broad Gully

Looking up at Dorsal Arete and Forked Gully

Approaching the Crux Fin 

The Crux Fin on Dorsal Arete II,3

Joe mid way up Boomerang Gully II

Heading up Boomerang Gully II

Taking photos in heavy spindrift = fail 

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