Saturday, 26 April 2014

26.4.14 - First 3 peaks of the year!

Today I was out for Mountain and Glen on their first 3 Peaks Challenge of the year.  Initially I was quite pessimistic of our chances of summiting, given the weather forecast and conditions, however the forecast was inaccurate and a beautiful day, with pleasant conditions followed, allowing us to summit at around 1330hrs.  The mountain was very busy today with what can only be described as chancers, everywhere.  We descended close to the Red Burn area and watched in horror as multiple people bum slid out of control down the gully.  I later found out that LMRT with the help of RN Rescue flight 177 picked a few of these people off the mountain after having sustained serious injuries from losing control bum sliding down the mountain.  A big well done to Dan, Mark, Tony, Kevin, Anthony, Sean and Helen on their successful ascent, well done!

The guys and me in the Visitor Centre Car Park

Jubilations at the Redburn

Enduring the Zig Zags

Looking towards the Summit Plateau from the top of the Zig Zags today

My guys on the summit, trig point and platform emerging more every day!

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