Tuesday, 22 April 2014

22.4.14 - Another blowy day on the Ben

Today I was back on Ben Nevis for Atlas Mountaineering, guiding Kate on the mountain path. Getting to the summit today was very much a game of 2 halves, the first half was very pleasant and blessed us with nice views over the Mammores and surrounding area.  The Second half was very windy with us having to adopt brace positions a few times as strong gust scoured us with hail and snow.  We got to the summit and enjoyed our lunch before meeting an Aussie gentleman named Justin who was soaked from head to toe and asked if he could please follow us down, to which I had no objections.  We descended in the direction of the Redburn and cut back on the path at corner 2.  Another challenging but rewarding day on Scotland's highest mountain.

Kate and the Mammores

The half way point

tough going on the zig zags

getting higher!

Kate on the summit

Descending the Redburn

Massive crevasses in the Redburn slightly lower than corner 2

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