Saturday, 17 May 2014

16.5.14 - Moy rock

With a day of good weather forecast for the Inverness/Dingwall area, Dan and I decided to head north to Moy Crag.  I had never been to Moy previously and was quite impressed with the unique climbing experience that conglomerate rock gives, if I had to describe it, I'd say it feels a bit like being a spider climbing up a rough cast wall!  Pebbles and blocks of all shapes and sizes protruding from the surface offer a whole range of holds, some of which feel too good at times, leading to mistrust of their security on sighting cracks around them!  We warmed up on Corvus 5+** before getting super pumped on Fighting off the vultures 6a+ ** which I totally dog fucked on lead due to epic pumpage (more training required!).  After this and some lunch Dan lead up The Old Man of Moy 6a+* and I lead up Moy Racer 6a*.  We ended the day on Pebble Party 6a* (which I really enjoyed leading! superb route!) and Moy Soldiers 5+*.  We had no sooner got back to the car, before the Lochaber weather had found us and began to piss down.  A fantastic venue, and one which I will be sure to visit again!  Cheers to Dan for a good day out and some great photos!

Moy crag as seen from the A835 road

Sunshine and dry rock!

me cruising up Corvus 5+** Photo:Dan Timmis

Dan starts off up Fighting off the Vultures 6a+**

Great photo of me lowering off after Corvus. Photo:Dan Timmis

Crag Comfort Carpet! its a beautiful thing!

Lunch time! Photo:Dan Timmis

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