Wednesday, 6 March 2013

06.03.13 - Tower Scoop III and Tower Gully I

Today Peter and I set off up the Ben to see how Peter fared on some grade III ice.  We chose Tower Scoop as the route is in my opinion, perfect for an introduction to ice.  The route itself is a fair trek up Observatory gully and although only 65m in length, has some great situations without ever getting too steep.  The route is (or can be) split into 2 pitches.  At the first belay (at the foot of the first pitch), I used an insitu bulldog/piton and equalised it with a good wired nut before heading up the first pitch which was about 20m to reach a good rock belay on the right.  The second pitch starts off up an easy angled snow slope and gradually eases in to a steepening ice groove before topping out on the snow slopes of Tower Gully.  Peter had fared very well on his first ice route, climbing it in good fashion and enjoying the challenge. Once we had topped out, the weather was crapping out a bit and it was quite windy with a lot of spindrift being blown around, so we opted to continue up Tower Gully,I and descended via No4 Gully which is almost a perfectly formed snow staircase.  A very big well done to Peter on his first ever ice route!

Peter enjoying Tower Scoop III

Head down looking for foot placements!

Peter topping out of Tower Gully I

Peter and I just before descending No4 Gully

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