Thursday, 23 August 2012

17.08.2012 Mont Blanc 4,810m

Mont Blanc stands confidently over the Chamonix valley at 4,810m  (15,781 ft) tall. Today I set off with my two clients John and Jonny for an ascent via the la voie des 3 monts which is a traverse starting at the summit of the Aiguille du Midi, over the shoulder of Mont Blanc du Tacul to the north facing slopes of Mont Maudit, then down to the col de la Brenva from which starts the actual ascent of Mont Blanc.  This route is more technical than the standard Gouter route due to the steep slopes on Mont Maudit but sees less traffic and more scenery.  Congratulations to both John and Jonny on their summit of this majestic mountain.

The descent ridge from the Midi, at some places barely a foot wide

John and Jonny on the summit

The summit of Mont Blanc 4,810m

Me, enjoying Irn Bru and some of Karen Marwick's home made tablet on the roof of Europe

coming back up the summit ridge to the midi with my two

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